The start of the rest


June 1st – already!

From inside the house,  sections of floor had to come up  so Colin could attach new section to the old. Luka-the-supervisor makes sure Colin has properly attached everything.  A very long metal bar ties each new beam into the old framework. This isn’t going anywhere unless it takes the whole house with it!


The outside view. Can sort of see the shape of what’s to come, now – but not in this pic! Sorry.

And a small boast – lettuce shared with a neighbour, and coriander is now lime pesto. The spring onions will go in if it ever stops raining!DSCN2068


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1 Response to The start of the rest

  1. Anne Henderson says:

    Well I’m very impressed with the progress! And the crops are looking good too Glen. It was really exciting to get the post in my emails. A good system when it works. x

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