June 6th

First taste of real-ish winter today with a cold wind from the south. Merimbula is awash with people in black who are wearing flat caps and beards (the blokes) and long hair and berets (the women) – the annual jazz festival gets going tonight. But up the hill, himself works on  in double layers of jumpers and a Chicago-grade beanie, and fingerless gloves purchased today.

Here we are inside looking out just before the hole was plugged – Luka quite annoyed as he seemed to think it was to be his permanent cat-door. And no, Colin hasn’t developed a pointy head – jut getting in before the smart-arse comments!

DSCN2072 DSCN2073

The big stuff that will hold up the rear extension is nearly done.


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1 Response to June 6th

  1. Is this “Cone Heads” the re-make!! The place is looking gooooood.

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