July 9th

Cold, cold, cold – and no sniggery jokes from those of you in the northern hemisphere, please.  We may not get snow but we do get southerly winds straight up the coast from Antarctica, which makes for frozen fingers and other extremities for the bloke with the hammer. Here are a few pics – please note that the new bits are so strong that if someone this time next century wants to do renovations they will need a bomb to move anything himself has done.  Not complaining, mind you, just commenting. Colin is starting to demolish the old side deck, a centimetre at a time it seems. But it will all go in the next day or so as the old timbers are not good enough to hold the new kitchen up. So another slab soon under that deck, for the garage, and new beams added so the most important room in the house stays in place. And hopefully the small slab for the water tank at the same time, considering the forecast of a hot, dry summer.

First pic first shows the yellow beam where the dining nook will be pushed out to. This is an amendment from the original plan, way back at the beginning of this blog, and is entirely sensible and logical.  Number 2 was taken this evening – the disappearing deck,   The bottom level of planks is scaffolding so he can reach – this corner is very high from ground.  And you have already met Luka shown here as he does his daily inspection. The landscape was taken a couple of weeks ago quite early morning when fog filled the valley between us and Berambool.

Colin and overseer both need Smoko, and the last one is the corner beam for the balcony!

I’ve noticed that some pics sometimes don’t show, but do at other times.  Why this happens is known only to WordPress. I take it as an act of nature and accept what is given.


DSCN2086DSCN2092 DSCN2090


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1 Response to July 9th

  1. Paul Harris says:

    Dont worry Glenda, we have rain here as well, but at least it is not cold. Love the picture of the Cat walking on the Beam. Is that Colin with the cuppa, who allowed him a break? Hope you are keeping Sane through all of this. Love the updates. Paul

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