Going, going…

July 22nd

It’s been a while, but things slowed down here for a week while Colin had cataracts removed from one eye – the other will be done in about a month. He reckons he’s seeing lopsided now!

The rear extension subfloor is pretty well done, and won’t be moving for the next, oh, say 100 years, and now the west side of the cottage is being attacked – literally, as you’ll see below. Bye-bye deck, (and from the rotting timbers it’s surprising it’s not fallen down long before this), hello garage below and kitchen above – eventually. Gotta say though, that for one bloke with a few tools he’s really rockin’! Rubble was cleared today, and the space is ready for pier holes and prep for garage floor slab to start next week – so watch this space for more big machines in small spaces.

I’m learning more about this WordPress site – just realised that if you double-click on a pic it becomes large enough to see. But you would have known this anyway!


The best way to empty a plant pot - over the side.

The best way to empty a plant pot – over the side.

Try a chain saw...

If there’s no co-operation try a chain saw..

or a very big hammer...

or a very big hammer…

and don't look down!

and don’t look down…

...or up.

…or up.


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2 Responses to Going, going…

  1. Paul Harris says:

    Thanks Glenda. Hope Colin moved off the last rafter before knocking it down. Is he Superman?

  2. Penelope Fell says:

    HI Glenda

    Great to have an update. Just concerned that you are working the boy TOO hard and TOO soon after eye op. Doesn’t he have to be careful for a time or did I make that up?

    Lloyd up and down , I forgot that there would be hormonal changes taking place and that would impact on moods etc. Oh well.

    Back to yoga today after what seems like years. It felt so good to stretch and have a chat over coffee.

    Have you left the heater to do anything of late?

    Penelope x

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