Everything grows in Spring, even houses.

Rocking right along, here!  Phil Kellalea (son of a builder who was working here during our first residential time) has joined Colin, and the extra pair of knowledgable hands really speeds things up. As Col said, they’ve done in 6 days what would have taken him a month on his own.

Newspaper pages we found in the external wall cavities placed by the original carpenters as a time record, as they served no purpose. The Sun was a Melbourne tabloid – Merimbula, at that time, was heavily Victoria-centric: we arrived from Melbourne for our first residential here in 1978.

How old do you have to be to remember “Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’?!


Joists attaching to the old cottage frame. The beginning of the kitchen floor and the garage ceiling.

The only way to get heavy timbers up!

The only way to get seriously heavy beams from ground to first storey.


Start of kitchen wall frame. Yah!DSCN2222


The large gap is facing north and will have a glass sliding door onto a small covered deck. This will get winter sun – morning coffee place. The south end, where I’m standing with the camera, will be the same and be a cool summer morning deck. The north-south openings will allow summer northerly breeze (or gale, at times) to cool this side of the house. The long side faces west. We get fierce summer sun so double glazed windows above the long kitchen bench will have outside blinds to keep the direct heat hitting the glass and keep it reasonably cool. Hope high school physics were correct in this theory!


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