A whole nine months…

A whole nine months! Long enough to grow a new life. Three season changes. I did not realise it has been so long until dear friends in Springwood started – and kept on – asking what has happened with the house.

So, here are a few pics – not many, and I’ll do some decent interior shots soon.  Progress has slowed as the builder has, for several months, been helping a friend in need –  he thought he’d owner-build and didn’t know the inbuilt (pun intended) traps for the unknowing. He should be back on our site soon, but in the mean time please don’t ask about the bathroom!

And – WordPress has changed things in this time. Click on the pic and wait a second to get the commentary.




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2 Responses to A whole nine months…

  1. Paul Harris says:

    Hello Glenda, thanks for the update. Shame that you still do not have a finished home but looks to be progressing nicely. I love the front entrance. We are looking forward to Spring and Summer here, bulbs are slowly making an appearance. How is your outside space? Would love to see how that is going.

    how is your Bathroom – Best Wishes Paul

    • Glen Guest says:

      Hi Paul – looking forward to winter here after a long very hot summer. The back vegie garden is in the last stages of summer production and needs serious weeding mulching and all that, but I’m not able to do it at the moment, so the weeds become a jungle. Yes, I rather like the front entrance – and we are slowly moving along, even if slowly. Dentists’ kids get cavities, builders’ wives live in unfinished houses – goes with the name 🙂
      DON’T MENTION THE BATHROOM – or i’ll have to sic John Cleese onto you!

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