and it’s nearly Christmas again.

Looks like there’s a pattern here of nine months between posts. So here are a few pics so you can see the progress. But you still can’t mention the bathroom!

Colin has done the front landscaping and things are starting to grow nicely. It had to be easy to care for as I can’t do much gardening now and himself has taken it on. So easy-mow with some hedging Lilly-pillies at the bottom driveway edge to eventually give some protection for the fierce summer westerly sun and hot winds, and mock orange along the deck for prettiness and a lovely perfume. The stick with leaves at the centre of the small top terrace will grow into a pale pink Crepe Myrtle.

The plants in the bed along the entry deck are blue agapanthus. Friends were cleaning up their bush-block and had dug out all the aggies that had weeded their way in, and were going to burn them. I caught the bag on the way. They can indeed be a weed in the bush, and take over some areas, but used carefully in town and not allowed to go to seed there isn’t a problem. They take the summer heat without much water and look brilliant in spring with the tall blue flowers. Watch for pics of next spring!

On the other side of the entry deck (that Colin made all on one level for possible future problems) near the open garage door, is a miniature black-stemmed bamboo. I thought we needed some height here. The deck itself was sanded and finished, but it’s clear that we have to find a different stain/oil product as the sun has made a real mess of it.

Grand-daughter Georgia Rachel – a month before her fifth birthday – did the digging  here to plant that Crepe Myrtle tree, with a little help from Grandpa.


Inside, things are moving along.  Colin builds bookshelves – I fill them. My study ones are done, and the ones each side of the fireplace nearly done. And here’s a pic of where I’m sitting typing this – it’s a cool, misty day. Rather nice, really.

The fireplace surround is fitted and now taken away for painting. Soon will all be together and looking schmick.


A flock of lorikeets wake me every morning squabbling over breakfast in the bottlebrush hedge near the bedroom window. They are the clowns of the bird world and spend more time upside down, slightly drunk on the nectar that is their food, than upright!


Christmas greetings to you all from our nearly completed house to yours – may next year be a good one all around, even with the huge changes that are going on in the world. And for those who don’t already know, my next book will be published mid next year, by Text Publishing. I’ll let you know when – of course!

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4 Responses to and it’s nearly Christmas again.

  1. Paul Harris says:

    Hello Glenda, lovely update, everything looks great but what a massive project it has turned out to be, but so very well done. Merry Christmas to you all, getting cold over here but I am already looking forward to Spring.

    • Glen Guest says:

      Hi Paul, indeed it has, in many ways including financial! But the deadline ha been set – by me – every little thing must be done by this time next year. Then we may have a life again. That’s not to say that will happen, though – it’s what happens when a perfectionist starts something, isn’t it, the end keeps stretching.
      Hope the family is well and safe, and you are still happy in your work. xxgg

  2. Sylvia & Noel says:

    Hi Glenda, You have all certainly been very busy, including your grand-daughter! Everything looks fabulous, including those views! Have a lovely Christmas in an ever-changing home, and all the best for the New Year, 2017. Love Noel & Sylvia. xxxx

    • Glen Guest says:

      Thanks WA! Soon we’ll be able to say come and stay – maybe after next Christmas! Hope your Christmas is filled with family and love. Love and hugs to you both. xxgg

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